10TH      VINNIE                                                            2.94 LBS

More than 40lb of Chinook fillets donated to the Sooke Food Bank

Cash 1st Prize: $1425


Charitable Donation: $1200



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Dave Myles won 1st place and $1425 with a 11.28 lb winter chinook ... NICE fish!
Al Kennedy took 2nd place in the derby, 2nd in the Series and a nice tool set with a 6.86 lb winter Chinook
Tyler won 3d place and a skookum rod and reel combo with a 4.92 lb winter Chinook. Nice job Tyler!
Bonnie Jones won 4th place and a case of bait from ATP Bait and Tackle with a 4.72 lb Chinook
Alex Van Netten won 5th place and a nice rod and reel combo donated by Island Outfitters with a 4.66 lb Chinook
Mike Koff took 6th place in the derby and won the series with his 3.84 lb Chinook. He chose a 2016 Series ticket as his prize
Marc won 7th place a really nice landing net donated by Gibbs
Mark Forget took 8th place and a tackle box full of goodies with a 3.56 lb winter Chinook
Susan Lindroos took 9th place and chose a $150 gift certificate donated by Home Hardware
Vinnie won 10th place and won a $100 gift card donated by Village Foods. Great job Vinnie!
1ST        DAVE MYLES                                                   11.28 LBS
2ND       AL KENNEDY **                                               6.86 LBS
3D         TYLER                                                               4.92 LBS
4TH       BONNIE JONES                                                4.72 LBS
5TH        ALEX VAN NETTEN **                                     4.66 LBS
6TH        MIKE KOFF **                                                 3.84 LBS
7TH        MARC                                                               3.80 LBS
8TH        MARK FORGET                                                 3.56 LBS
9TH        SUSAN LINDROOS                                          3.06 LBS
Bonnie and Bruce with a 4.72lb'er
Dave and the winning fish weighing in at 11.28lbs
Dave and 2.32lb'er
Dexter with a 2.78.lb winter Spring
Jackson with a 2.64lb chinook
Jason with a 2.44lb'er
Jeff and a 2.06lb winter Spring
Marc and a sweet 3.80lb chinook
Mark and a 3.56lb Spring
Mike and a 2.80lb winter Spring
Mike and his 3.84lb'er
Mike and a 2.50lb Spring salmon
Susan and a 3.06lb chinook
Vinne and his catch, a 2.94 Spring
Dave won the derby with his 11.28lb winter Spring taking home $1425. Congrats Dave!!
Al weighed in a nice 6.86lb Chinook and took 2nd place in both the boxing day derby as well as the overall Series! Congrats Al!
Tyler took 3d place with his 4.92lb Spring and decided on a skookum Shimano rod and reel combo donated by Eagle Eye Outfitters
Bonnie weighed in a 4.72lb'er and placed 4th. She chose a case of bait courtesy of ATP Bait and tackle for her prize
Alex's 4.66lb winter chinook won 5th place and a Shimano rod and reel combo generously donated by Island Outfitters
Mike Koff wins a 2016 Series ticket with his 6th place 3.84lb spring
Marc chose a sweet Gibbs net for his boat as prize for his 3.80lb'er placing 7th
Mark weighed in a 3.56 and took 8th place and a tackle box loaded with goodies
Susan's 3.06lb spring won 9th place and a $150 gift certificate donated by Sooke Home Hardware
Vinnie chose a $100 gift card from Village Food Market for placing 10th with a 2.94lb winter spring

HALIBUT DERBY MAY 5th & 6th, 2018 | COHO DERBY OCT 6th, 2018| BOXING DAY DERBY DEC 26, 2018

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